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Quick Guide to Davidson-Davie Library's Website
Getting Started: Introduction to Library Databases
Getting Started: Research Questions
Getting Started: Keywords
Getting Started: Search Strategies
MLA Style Guide
APA Style Guide

ProQuest Research Companion Video Series

This video series focuses on they dynamics of information literacy as it relates to writing research papers. These videos are not specific to Davidson-Davie Community College and provide a detailed overview of the research process from beginning to end. 

Finding Information

Where do I start? (5m 03s)
How do I choose a topic? (14m 45s)
Where do I find information? (17m 11s) 

Evaluating Information

How do I evaluate sources? (22m 09s)
What counts as evidence? (16m 10s)

Use Information

How do I write a thesis statement? (11m 18s)
How do I organize my argument? (14m 05s)
How do I avoid plagiarism and find my own voice? (15m 33s)
What do I look for when I revise? (11m 59s)
How can I do better next time? (16m 06s)