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Changes to Kanopy

by Jason Setzer on 2019-08-07T15:12:00-04:00 | Comments

DCCC Library transitioned to a mediated access model for Kanopy Video Streaming.

Kanopy is a streaming video service for DCCC faculty and staff that provides access to an incredibly diverse catalog of film they can use with their courses and for college programming. It operates similar to Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services in that it allows you to borrow rather than own videos. However, unlike popular streaming services that charge a flat monthly fee for access, Kanopy charges a rental fee of $150 for a video that is viewed 4 times. This fee pays for 1-year of access to the video and allows it to be streamed on and off campus by an unlimited number of DCCC students, faculty, and staff. As Kanopy’s popularity increased, this led to significant fees for the Library.

DCCC Library knows that streaming video is a crucial resource and wants to continue access to this very valuable service. As such, we are changing our rental model with Kanopy from automatic access to a mediated access.

This change means that to access videos through Kanopy DCCC faculty and staff must submit a request. When you find a video in Kanopy that you want to use, an automated pop up window will prompt you to send a small amount of information to the Library for approval. The Library will approve films based on multiple factors including but not limited to:

  • Available funds
  • Title availability (Is the title available in a cheaper format or through a different resource?)
  • Pedagogical or programming relevance (How will the content be used? Is an equivalent available?)
  • Class size or anticipated audience (How many need access?)

It is important to note that the Library will dedicate a predetermined amount of funds to Kanopy each semester. Once those funds are used, the Library will be unable to rent new videos. 

Making this change will allow us to control costs as well as continue to offer this service. Kanopy is not going away but simply changing from an on-demand service to one where users will need to request access.

Kanopy Video Streaming Logo

Questions? Contact the library by email or call (336) 224-4727. 

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